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Hacked by Hunter Bajwa

You Have been Hacked....!!

Name : Hunter Bajwa

One Message for you From !!::::P.H::::!!
Hacking Is Not Crime Its Mind Game.Muslims Are Not Terrorist. Feel the difference B/W Muslims and Terrorists.

This Defacement is brought to you by Pak Hunters. 
We want to convey our message in shrill treble that Never try
to mess with Pakistan otherwise your cyber space will be in hell.

We are ready and committed for the Defence of Pakistan. Feel the power of Pakistan.

We are sound of the poor and Innocent people Kashmir, the people of Ghaza.
Stop killing Innocent Kashmiries.Stop your state terrorism in kashmir.
This was just a lill payback. Your Security was Great but not Enough for !::P.H::!

We will crash Your cyber space into pieces. we are Your Official dadies.You our cyber kids.
Never try to Expect us..! Just respect us..!

Because we are in your minds, hearts, in your souls. we know the power of Pakistani talent.
We are Pak Hunters. we support all hackers teams and we support all the freedom movement in the world.


All God gifted me not a normal person.
Hacked by Hunter Bajwa

Together we looking for Knowledge...!!

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